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Someone to Watch Over Me, Wild Widows Series, Book 4


This will resonate with anyone who’s suffered a loss.”  5 Stars!  

I come home to find him passed out on the floor…  

Almost three years after losing my husband, Jim, to ALS, I’ve started to emerge from the fog of widowhood, thanks in large part to my sexy roommate—and former high school crush—Tom Hammett. When he offered me a suite in his spacious home, he got me out of my parents’ basement where I’d lived with Jim during his illness and since his death. But now Tom is experiencing a health crisis, and I’m not sure I have it in me to go down that road again, even if I suspect I might be falling in love with him. I have to decide if I can risk losing my fragile heart to another man with a potentially life-threatening health condition.   

My heart attack is the worst possible thing that could’ve happened, especially since Lexi was the one to find me in distress. She’s come so far in the nine months we’ve lived together, and I’ve felt us inching toward something deeper lately. After losing my dad to a widow-maker heart attack when I was a teenager, I hate that I’m inflicting similar trauma on Lexi and my sisters. I’m determined to do everything in my power to return to full health so I can be the partner Lexi needs and deserves. Little does she know that I too had a massive crush on her in high school, but she was too young for me then. Now, she’s perfect for me, and I want to be perfect for her, too.   

Come along as Lexi’s Wild Widow chapter two story with Tom unfolds along with updates on some of our other favorite characters. We’ll also meet two new widows in need of the special love and support only the Wild Widows can provide.   

“I usually don’t write reviews, but the Wild Widow Series has meant a lot to me. I became a widow at 44 with 3 grieving children at home. These books capture the truth, heartache, and loneliness of being a widow. I have joined the wild widows club in my heart and love each of their stories of trials, finding love again, and supporting each other. Looking forward to the next book in the series.” 5 Stars