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Butler, Vermont Audiobook 2-9 Bundle

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The Butler Vermont Series

Come to the mountains of the Northeast Kingdom in Vermont, where a family-run old-time country store has multiple generations engaged in the running of the family business while a scheming, match-making father and grandfather seek to find love for all their adult kids. The family that works together and bickers together stays together, or that’s the plan anyway. Throw in a town mouse, identical twins with a penchant for mischief and a season devoted to mud, and you’ve got the recipe for a series you won’t soon forget!

Listen to Chapter 1 of Can't Buy Me Love.


Excerpt from the Butler, Vermont Series

Even with snow swirling around him, Wade Abbott knew the way home. He could find it blindfolded, which he was basically doing since the whiteout snow made it so he had to rely on everything but his vision. He’d been out with his brothers for hours looking for two young boys who’d gone sledding in the foothills of Butler Mountain and disappeared in the blizzard.

They’d found them alive but hypothermic forty-five minutes ago and dispersed to head home to warm up. His younger brothers, Lucas and Landon, both paramedics, had transported the boys to the hospital, where they’d be reunited with their grateful parents.

The snowmobile’s headlight illuminated the Nelsons’ mailbox, a green monstrosity that indicated Wade was about five hundred feet from his own driveway. He noticed a pattern in the snow that looked an awful lot like footprints. Who would be foolish enough to be out in a full-on blizzard if they didn’t have to be?

Was he hallucinating, or were the footprints leading to his place? A trickle of unease traveled down his back, which was odd because he never felt unsafe in Butler, Vermont. Hell, he never even locked his door. He didn’t have to. His place wasn’t easy to find unless you knew where it was.

He hung a right into his driveway and followed the deep footsteps for a quarter mile of twists and bends until his cabin came into view, nestled into a copse of evergreens, his own piece of paradise.

Biting one of the fingers of his glove, he pulled it off and reached for the flashlight strapped to his hip to further illuminate the yard. The flashlight’s beam cut through the snow to identify a huddled lump on his porch.

“What the hell?” Wade cut the engine and jumped off the snowmobile. Fighting the foot-high snow, he crossed the yard and went up the stairs. “Hello?”


He nudged the lump with his foot.

It moaned.

He scooped up the bundle and carried it inside, where heat from the woodstove he’d stoked earlier swept over him. Dropping to his knees in front of the fire, he deposited his visitor.

She moaned again.

Dear God, it’s a woman—a half-frozen woman. Moving quickly, he threw two more logs on the fire and began unwrapping the ice-crusted scarf that covered her face so the heat could penetrate. Bruises. Her face was black, blue and swollen, so much so he didn’t immediately recognize her.

And then he knew.

His heart skipped a beat and shock reverberated through him as he began to frantically remove her wet coat and gloves.

“Mia.” He could hear the panic in his own voice. “Mia!

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  • Family saga
  • Forced proximity romance
  • Single mom romance
  • Billionaire romance
  • Second chance romance
  • Found family

What readers are saying about the Butler, Vermont Series:

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Worth a whole lot more than 5 stars!!!!”Amazon review

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Marie Force books are like fine wine!”—Amazon review

Books included in this bundle:

Book 2: Can't By Me Love, narrated by Joan Deleware

Book 3: Here Comes the Sun, narrated by Joan Deleware

Book 4: Till There Was You, narrated by Joan Deleware

Book 5: All My Loving, narrated by Joan Deleware

Book 6: Let It Be, narrated by Stella Hunter

Book 7: Come Together, narrated by Stella Hunter

Book 8: Here, There and Everywhere, narrated by Avery Caris

Book 9: The Long and Winding Road, narrated by Avery Caris

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